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Syntax Highlighter APIs with Nodejs and Python

by Ahmed Şeref Güneysu

Syntax highligter

Just a micro web service for syntax highlighting.

For now it is implemented with node.js and http://highlightjs.org.

Since the concept is micro service, It would be implemented with python and pigments or another stack.

How to run

For the impatients:

$ container_id=$(docker run -it -d -t guneysu/syntax-highlighter:latest)
$ container_ip=$(docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' $container_id)
$ xdg-open http://$container_ip:8000

I use Makefile

$ make build run open # expilicitly
$ make 				  # for the impatients
PORT := 8000
IP_CMD := docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' $(CONTAINER)
IP = $(shell $(IP_CMD))
CONTAINER := syntax-highlighter
all: build run open

	docker build -t guneysu/syntax-highlighter:latest .

	docker run -d -it --name=$(CONTAINER) -t guneysu/syntax-highlighter:latest

	xdg-open http://$(IP):$(PORT)

.PHONY: all build run open 
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